X2Flow – Modern Marketing

We are often faced with a wide range of repetitive marketing tasks – like sending out emails or updating contact records – which are ripe for automation. Unfortunately many CRM systems require you yourself to purchase and integrate additional applications in order to take advantage of a fully functioning marketing system with automation capabilities. More often than not however, these “best of breed” marketing applications are both expensive and unnecessarily complex. Even worse, the integration into your existing CRM system is a mere afterthought. X2Engine is different. X2Engine provides intuitive yet powerful marketing automation as a core component of its design in order to increase the productivity and reach of everyone in your organization. X2Engine’s marketing automation feature – X2Flow – helps ensure “best practices” are automatically followed and frees your people to focus on the truly creative and compelling aspects of marketing campaigns which produce solid leads, boosting their productivity and your bottom line.

X2Flow is an easy to use drag and drop workflow designer and engine. With X2Flow users can leverage all the data in X2Engine to easily model both simple and complex process flows. The power and usability of X2Flow is best illustrated by a few simple examples:

Perhaps you have a marketing campaign currently running on your website. You want to be able to respond with some automated actions when someone visits the page. X2Flow’s easy customization makes this possible. Start by specifying the type of event you want to trigger the action. Do this from the drop down menu shown here. Give the Flow a name and set its activity status.

You can also set conditions for performing the action. For instance, if you are only running the campaign through the end of the month, you can configure the flow to only be active during that time frame. 

From here you can simply drag and drop action items and configure them to suit your needs. For instance, in this Flow the visitor contact record is updated, boosting their lead score. Their record is tagged with “X2Flow webinar” in X2Engine and the visitor is sent an email with an enticing offer:

Your organization may have an effective sales process which you want to automate in order to scale the business while minimizing hiring costs, as well as promote as a sales “best practice” and ensure it’s consistently followed.
For example, the trigger might could be a new web lead that activates a Flow when the lead meets certain specified criteria. The lead can be categorized and tagged as a web lead and assigned to a member of the sales team:

An automated email can be sent to the new web lead, thanking them for their interest and offering more information, should they desire it.