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X2CRM is an open source CRM software platform for marketing, sales, customer service and other custom applications powered by an easy to use workflow engine and process management framework. Manage your clients with an endlessly customizable, powerful app, and boost your productivity like never before.

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Manage your contacts and account records intuitively, without learning a whole new paradigm.

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Generate reports, send out marketing campaigns, and monitor your website visitors, all out of the box.

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Connect your team with a social platform, and encourage communication and productivity.

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Customize your workflow, brand your software, modify record fields, all in your own language.

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Full Contact Relationship Management including Key Contacts, Action History Charts, Logged Calls, and Email Correspondence.
Track Deals with Opportunity Management. Forecast your Upcoming Deals using the Process Pipelines & Sales Funnels.
Account Management – Create One-To-Many Relationships between Contacts and Accounts. Send Quotes and Invoices via Email.
Reporting and Charts – Gain Insight into Your Sales using X2CRM Analytics. Drilldown, Summation, and Performance Reports.

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CRM For Your Website – Embed Web Lead Capture Forms, Track Website Visits, and use X2Identity Browser Fingerprinting Technology.
Email Templates – Draft Email Newsletters and Templates Using Variables to be Automatically Replaced With Contact-Specific Details.
Email Tracking – See When Contacts Open Emails.
Create Targeted Campaigns – Market To Specific Contact Segments using Dynamic Attribute Lists.
X2Flow Automation – Model Drip Email Marketing Campaigns.

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Service Case Management – Manage and Distribute Service Cases For Your Support Team. Design Service Case Routing Rules.
Escalate Cases to Users Within Your CRM. Notify Service Representatives of New Cases via Automated Email.
Service Web Forms – Embed Service Response Forms on Your Website. Design Forms to Integrate with Your Brand.
Case Updates – Know Where You Stand with a Service Case Using Customized Service Process Stages.

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Connect Your CRM Using The Robust X2CRM REST-ful API to Integrate with External Applications. Make Remote API Calls in X2Flow Automation Sequences and Automate Your Integration.
Brand Your CRM – Build Out Your Branding Identity in Themes. Upload Your Own Logos and Modify Your CRM’s Appearance.
Secure Your CRM – Restrict Access to Sensitive Data. Develop User Roles and Determine Who Can Do What Within Your System.
Build On Your CRM – Customize X2CRM with Your Own Modules, Fields, and Layouts. Modify The X2CRM Base Code When You Host Your CRM System on Your Own Web Server.

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Open Source CRM

Open Source CRM

Open Source CRM

Open Source CRM

Open Source CRM