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X2CRM is a rich CRM and intelligent automation application. Drop in to the different areas of X2CRM and experience the many facets of this powerful business software.

CRM Software

X2CRM Contact Screen

What to look for

  • Publisher Widget – Quickly log calls, add comments, assign actions, and create calendar events. Try using the Publisher Activity Feed filters to sort by event type.
  • Action History Chart – See a fast and broad overview of all your interactions with a contact. Use the filters to modify time frame, chart type, and related record data.

X2Flow Automation Designer

What to look for

  • X2Flow Triggers – Click the Triggers dropdown and select the event that will set off an X2Flow automation sequence. Add some attribute filters to narrow the triggering circumstances.
  • X2Flow Actions – Using X2Flow to automate a series of events is simple. Just drag and drop X2Flow Actions from the left hand side menu into the workflow designer.

X2Studio Designer

What to look for

  • Drag and Drop Interface – Reshape the layout of your X2CRM screens. Move entry fields around, add or remove columns, and make collapsible rows. Use the attribute field manager to add your own custom fields or the dropdown editor to create your own dropdown menus.

Profile Dashboard

What to look for

  • Activity Feed – See all the most recent actions and activity in the app. Use the filters in the left hand side menu to display actions by event type – web leads, emails opened, and more.
  • Profile Widgets – rearrange the windows on your home screen. Simply drag and drop the windows to modify the layout. Click the pencil icon next to your profile summary to add new widgets.

Email Campaigns

What to look for

  • Campaign Data – Quickly see statistics on your email campaign, including number of emails sent, number opened, unsubscribe count, and an action history chart.
  • Contact Lists – The people you send your marketing emails to can be sorted and targeted through a variety of criteria. Use tag-based or attribute-based contact targeting.

Sales Pipeline and Funnel

What to look for

  • Drag and Drop Interface – Quickly and easily move Contacts through your sales pipeline. Click the pencil icon to bring up a detailed stage completion editor.
  • Stage Deal Values – See at a glance the amount of deals in any given stage as well as their total revenue value.

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For more information check out our Key Features Page and our User Reference Guide. You can also visit our X2Community forums to share your thoughts and questions to other X2CRM users and engineers.