Sales and Service

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At the heart of X2Engine is a robust, highly usable sales and service application which enables small and medium-sized organizations to efficiently sell and offer services to customers. It’s a tight, compact, and most of all, fast application with simplified interfaces that help make users more productive as they interact with customers.

X2Engine is a flexible system which can be customized and extended as needed and it will seamlessly scale up as your business grows. [divider_line]

[one_fourth][dropcap2]1[/dropcap2] Contact Management [divider_line]

We at X2 have invested a significant amount of time and resources optimizing the Contact interface because it’s so frequently utilized. Though there is a great deal of information you can specify for each contact, it is organized in such a way so as to not overwhelm you. Each person’s record includes details on contact info, sales and marketing, social media, associated workflow, relationships, a complete history for the contact, and more. As with other modules in X2Engine, the contact interface is customizable so you can organize and display everything according to you and your organization’s personal needs. [divider_line] [/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last]

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[one_fourth] [dropcap2]2[/dropcap2] Opportunities, Relationships, & Action History [divider_line]

Like Contacts, Opportunities are presented in an individually customizable interface which includes information about the opportunity including sales stage, probability, price quote, and others. In addition, information regarding associated workflow, relationships, relevant tags, and the complete opportunity history are included on each opportunity page. [divider_line] [/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last]

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We recognize that every sales and service situation is unique and may have complex relationships with various people, companies, organizations, or otherwise. X2Engine gives you intelligent and flexible means to establish relationships between any type of entry to anything else within X2Engine. For instance, you might want to link a specific opportunity with a contractor from an unrelated company who might have some influence in the buying decision.[divider_line][/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last]





[one_fourth][divider_line] New in the latest update of X2Engine is the action history chart. This component offers a complete overview of all interactions with a contact at a glance. You can view events like calls, emails, or web activity in a simple graphic interface that demonstrates the level of activity and interactions the customer has been involved in. Of course, as with everything in X2Engine, the charts are customizable, allowing you to edit and view which types of data you would like to see information on, as well as modifying its time frame.

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Sales Funnel[divider_line]

Most organizations have some type of sales funnel where leads move from one stage to another as they become more qualified. Since this process is often unique and may be different for distinct types of customers X2Engine has a simplified interface for creating a sales or service pipeline. Users can thus examine contacts and opportunities in each stage of the pipeline. [divider_line][/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last]

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[one_fourth] [dropcap2]4[/dropcap2] Email Correspondence [divider_line]

Email is an incredibly efficient way to communicate with people, and X2Engine allows you to quickly and easily send rich text emails while recording these action so you and your colleagues can reference them later. From any Contact record you simply select the email icon on the right hand side of the upper menu and a rich text editor automatically appears. You can utilize templates or create your own message with any kind of formatting or attachments needed. If you wish, you can select an alternate email address to send the message from, including 3rd party addresses like Gmail. Setting up an alternative “send as” address is outlined in the user reference guide. After sending emails you can track them and see when they’re opened so you can target these leads for additional followup. [divider_line][/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]



[one_fourth][dropcap2]5[/dropcap2] Reporting & Analytics [divider_line]

X2Engine’s reporting and analytics capabilities enable you to monitor and react to marketing, sales and service performance, and ultimately make “closed-loop” changes which improve performance. With simple drop-down menus users can create a variety of different reports for campaign performance, lead performance, user activity, service cases, etc., or they can create and save custom reports. The visual, easy-to-read charts allow users to easily examine data from different perspectives, and quickly spot trends, issues, and opportunities. [divider_line][/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last]

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Quotes & Invoices [divider_line]

Generating and sending sales quotes and invoices is often a necessary but time-consuming process. X2Engine simplifies the process so that in a matter of minutes any authorized individual can create and send professional-looking quotes and invoices for prospects and customers. Existing templates can be selected to ensure all customer correspondences are consistent with your corporate branding. Quotes and invoices can be viewed by others in your organization so everyone has a unified view of the customer’s information. [divider_line][/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]


[one_fourth] [dropcap2]7[/dropcap2] Alert Notifications [divider_line]

Alert Notifications ensure you’re immediately aware of everything of interest.You can set alerts so you receive real time notification when, for example, someone completes an assigned action. The telephone integration ensures you’ll see the Contact record if the phone number for an incoming call is already in X2Engine. [divider_line] [/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last]

[/three_fourth_last] [divider_top][fancyheading] X2Engine – powerful, adaptable, effective[/fancyheading]

While X2Engine is designed and engineered as a very useable, compact, fast application for small and medium-sized groups, it still provides users with rich, robust capabilities. The highly-tuned sales and service capabilities increase user productivity, and ultimately help you grow sales and enhance customer service and satisfaction.