X2Engine provides a range of cloud, developer and administration support products designed to meet the needs of both small businesses and larger corporations. From basic email technical support for open source deployments to large-scale dedicated cloud server deployments X2Engine can help you achieve your CRM goals.

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X2CRM Enterprise Cloud (X2VPS)
AWS Virtual Private Server 

X2Engine Cloud Hosting is our Amazon AWS powered hosting service perfected over years for security, performance and scalability. Month to month term, easy sign-up, get your own X2CRM virtual private server today. Starting at $35.00 per user per month, includes one administrator and three support cases or 30 minutes of phone technical support per month.

X2CRM Enterprise Dedicated Private Server (X2DPS)
AWS or Google Cloud Compute

Like X2CRM but prefer your own fully dedicated cloud server? X2Engine Private Cloud Hosting is an Amazon AWS or Google Cloud Compute powered dedicated cloud server allowing you to fully design and customize your X2CRM system to match the specific needs of your business. This is an excellent choice for large-scale, heavily customized or vertical CRM applications. Minimum 10 users for this service paid annually. Includes 10 technical support cases and 2 hours phone support per month.

X2CRM Enterprise On-Premise Edition (Download)

X2Enterprise Download Edition is designed for businesses who prefer to run X2CRM on their own servers. X2CRM can be deployed on your own internal server or on your preferred cloud hosting provider. You make the decision on where to install and deploy X2CRM with our download edition. Running X2CRM on your server can be a benefit if you have unique customizations, internal security needs, international requirements or simply prefer to run and administer your own X2CRM system. The download editions also includes a non-open source, perpetual commercial license. Minimum 10 users for this edition paid annually. Standard includes 5 technical support cases and 1 hour of phone support per month. Premium includes 10 technical support cases and 2 hours phone support per month.

X2HubService Cloud Connector

Introducing a completely new cloud service for both CRM Open Source and X2CRM Enterprise Edition customers. This new cloud connector service provides a one stop connector for Gmail synchronization, Calendar Sync, SMS two factor authentication, interaction location detection, advanced Google mapping and additional social network and data enrichment services.

Salesforce.com Migration Service

Have you been using Salesforce but wish to use X2CRM instead? Sometimes a road block can be getting your customer data and customizations out of Salesforce.com. With X2Engine data import service we can help you migrate your Salesforce.com data over to X2CRM quickly and easily. It is also a great opportunity to do some data cleaning and to optimize your CRM processes for your current business needs.

CRM Migration Service

Getting started with a new CRM system usually requires migrating existing customer data and customizations into X2CRM. X2CRM includes very easy and advanced data import and data quality tools within X2’s Administration console. Additionally we can import most any customer data you have and also customizations for your business. Get up and going fast with our easy CRM migration service.

X2Engine Training Service

Sometimes it is a benefit to have an X2CRM expert help train you on how to best optimize X2CRM for your needs. Our trainers can walk you through every feature of X2CRM and give you advice on how to best utilize X2CRM. Sign up for as many hours as you need to get guided tours through X2CRM and consultation on utilization and configuration approaches. An X2CRM expert will contact you and schedule a web meeting to cover all the training topics you need at your pace that works best for you.

X2CRM Customization

Rather than learning how to set up X2CRM, with X2CRM Customization an X2CRM expert will work with you to get X2CRM ready for your business. Whether you would like help designing advanced workflow, process or module customizations – our experts can help you set up the modules and features that you need, in a way that will work for your business. Don’t worry if you’re setting things up the right way, allow our experts to get it working the way you want. Sign up for as many hours as you want, and get the help of an X2CRM expert and be certain that X2CRM is set up for success. An X2CRM expert will contact you and schedule a web meeting to work with you to get X2CRM fully set up.

X2Engine Configuration and Developer Service

In addition to X2CRM’s powerful out of the box CRM capabilities, X2 is also very extensible. Whether you would like help designing advanced workflow, process or module customizations or if you would like to add your specific customizations – we can help you. Most customer customizations can be done with our standard configuration tools. But sometime code level customizations are required. X2Engine developer services are provide by real X2CRM developers with expert product and development knowledge. Usually we can make customer customizations in a fraction of the time that non-X2Engine developers or consultants require. Most customizations require only a few hours to complete, from one to four hours typically.

X2Engine Authorized Partner Program

X2Engine Authorized Partner Program is for systems integrators, software hosting providers and vertical software developers who wish to resell X2CRM software and services. The program is designed to enable partners to sell, customize, deploy and train customers. Additionally, the program includes discounts on X2CRM products, developer tools, premium support and other partner enabling services to ensure customer success. Contact X2Engine Partner Support for more information.

Program Highlights: 
25% Discount X2CRM Shared Cloud Server – prepaid annual subscription
35% Discount X2CRM Enterprise Download/On-Premise – prepaid annual subscription
20% Discount X2CRM Enterprise Private Server – prepaid annual subscription
15% Discount on X2Engine Services
Partner Listing on X2CRM.com
3 Hours Administration and Technical training
5 Developer, evaluation licenses X2CRM Enterprise Download
3 X2CRM Demo, evaluation X2CRM Shared Cloud accounts
20 User X2CRM Enterprise Edition License for Partner Internal Use
Use of X2Engine Partner Logo
Premium Phone and Email Technical Support
50% Discount X2Engine User Conference Booth

Call our sales line at 1-831-900-5830 Monday to Friday, PST. We contact you form.